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I’m Karen Hampton, natural therapist. I have spent my life helping people get their lives, health and well-being back on track. I am a qualified homeopath, colour therapist, and nutritionist. I have a professional background working with people of all ages and backgrounds, as both a social worker and enabler, in hospitals, communities, and homes, for over twenty years. I am also the mother of two fledgling adults. I live with my partner in Exmouth (a seaside town close to Exeter) and practise natural therapies from my office in the garden.

I graduated as a qualified homeopath after completing four years of study at the Contemporary College of Homeopathy: http://www.conhom.com/. I have also subsequently studied and gained qualifications in both nutrition and colour therapy. I use one or a combination of these in my treatments, which are tailored to suit each individual’s needs.

It is important to stress that the suggestions and treatment offered by me on this site and in my practice are not intended to replace appropriate medical investigation and treatment. If surgery or other medical interventions are crucial, the natural remedies I prescribe can aid and speed up the healing process.

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