Winter Blues: How to lift the spirits and boost your immune system naturally

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It can feel like a really hard slog to keep going at this time of year, it is so dark and damp… Christmas is a distant memory and Spring feels like a long way off in the future.

It is therefore not surprising that even the cheeriest among us can feel low just now. This seasonal dip tends to make us feel generally low in energy, sleepy and lacking in motivation. When we feel like this we are more vulnerable to the cold and flu bugs that are always doing the rounds. We also tend to reach for our comfort foods that are likely to be high in sugar, fat, carbs or all three! We know these aren’t going to help in the long term but there are other things we can do…

Check that you are having good quality food, including juicy fresh fruit and plenty of water. Garlic has outstanding anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties so crush a few cloves into the pan when frying the onions for warming stews, casseroles and curries. A good quality garlic supplement is another option, look for a product that has a high allicin content as this is the component that deals with the bugs.

We do need more sleep during the dark months, nature is conserving energy now and our ancestors stayed in their caves when it was dark, so give in, go with nature and go to bed a little earlier.

The other element that we are all missing is of course sunlight. There are special lamps to wake up to but there is also a wonderful homeopathic remedy – Sol Britannica – that can be so effective when taken through the winter months.

You can order it in 30c potency from a homeopathic pharmacy such as

Vitamin C is unquestionably the queen immune booster. To get an effective dose (1000-3000mg per day) it is best bought separately to your multi-vitamin/mineral supplement. It also needs to have at least 25mg. of bioflavonoids in with it to help the vitamin C do its work.

If you do succumb to a viral infection a well-chosen homeopathic remedy may nip it in the bud, help move the symptoms through more quickly and reduce the likelihood of lingering discomfort.

ACONITE is the remedy to think of when cold symptoms come on quickly and strongly, seemingly out of nowhere. Often the person goes to bed feeling fine but wakes around midnight feeling anxious, restless and with a burning thirst.

BELLADONNA is an alternative candidate for the first stages of a cold. This remedy works best if the person is very feverish, suffering with a raised temperature, flushed dry skin and a very sore inflamed throat.

FERRUM PHOS has symptoms that are much less clear and strong than Aconite or Belladonna, they tend to develop more slowly and gently over twenty four to forty eight hours. Take this remedy when you feel the first signs that a cold is about to move in, for example, a tickly throat or stinging eyes.

GELSEMIUM is the remedy to choose for classic flu-like symptoms with chills running up and down the spine, shivering, aching limbs with a horrible sense of dopey exhaustion.

HEPAR SULPH is one to consider for the more established stage of a cold where there is sinus pain, mucus that is thick and yellow. Glands are swollen to match the throat.

NATRUM MUR is an alternative remedy for easing colds that have established themselves to include dry sore lips, a nose that alternates between running like a tap and being completely blocked.

If you haven’t taken homeopathic remedies before then have a read of the guidance on my Homeopathy pages.

These are small snapshots of just some of the most common remedies for upper respiratory tract infections. If they don’t work as you hoped it could be that you are not seeing a big enough picture, and it may be worthwhile to seek professional advice.

When low spirits and lack of energy turn into depressed feelings, professional help is required. There are many homeopathic remedies for depression which have a long-established record of being extremely helpful. For this it is best to see a qualified and experienced practitioner.

If you would like to know more about how to improve your life naturally with homeopathy or to book a free tester 15-minute homeopathic consultation please contact me. Read more about homeopathic medicine and how it can help you here.

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It is important to stress that the suggestions and treatment offered by me on this site and in my practice are not intended to replace appropriate medical investigation and treatment.


1 thought on “Winter Blues: How to lift the spirits and boost your immune system naturally

  1. Susan Harwood

    A really helpful and timely article. It’s so useful in this age of blurred boundaries to be reminded of the rythmn of the seasons and how we are all affected by them whether we it realise or not. Thankyou



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