Back to school: How to help children who have starting or returning to school anxiety

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Starting school for the first time, returning to a new class or a new school is a challenge for children and parents. Some mild anxiety is to be expected but it can be overwhelming. Homeopathic remedies can be used safely at home to help children through this transition. Here are some common scenarios and homeopathic remedies that might help. Choose a remedy that best matches your child’s emotional and physical symptoms for the most calming effect.

ARG NIT- A child needing this remedy will be twitchy with nervous excitement, there may be a constant stream of chatter with restlessness. This child may suffer with melancholy, be trembly, hurried and despondent with phobias galore. Their anxiety may cause diarrhoea, flatulence and explosive belchings. Their symptoms will start in the stomach and be worse at night, on waking and in stuffy rooms. They are likely to crave sugary food and drinks which make their symptoms worse. They are better for open air and company.

ARSENICUM – a child needing this remedy will show physical and mental restlessness with fatigue and weakness that appears out of proportion to the situation. Parents often assume the child is feigning illness because they are so “over the top” which is aided by a vivid imagination. They have strong opinions and demand much attention. They will be most agitated at night, alone and in the dark, therefore often to be found in their parents’ bed where they want to talk.

LYCOPODIUM – is for the child who lacks confidence and has a strong aversion to doing new things, even though they prove very capable when tested. They can be bossy and frighten other children at home on their own territory. They may suffer from behaviour problems such as clinginess and aggression. Physical problems include a tendency to get stomach upsets, trouble with bloating, heartburn and sour burping. They may have headaches, sleep problems including nightmares and waking as if from a fright.

SILICA – is for the child who is sensitive, nervous and excitable. They also lack confidence and have a fear of new things but can be obstinate with fixed ideas. Their physical symptoms include a tendency to dry cracked skin and stomach pains that are cutting with rumbling digestion. They also have a problem with headaches that move from the forehead and settle over one eye which are brought on by going to school.

If you haven’t taken homeopathic remedies before, have a read of the guidance in my homeopathy pages:

If the remedies you choose do not work as you hoped it is likely that you are not seeing the bigger picture. It can be difficult to stand back sufficiently to treat family members. As a qualified homeopath I am trained to see the bigger picture or context . This includes blocks to treatment caused by old traumas such as death of a grandparent, birth of a sibling and inherited tendencies handed down through families. These must be cleared before treatment of the current problem can be achieved. If you feel that your child needs further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me for a free, 15-minute, no obligation consultation.


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